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We rent products and articles for babies and children, with the aim of accompanying families and solving some basic needs, so that they gain back time for what is truly important: their children.

1) To tourists who visit the city with babies and children

2) To people who have special events with children and need appropriate equipment

3) To families that do not want to spend money on expensive products, which are used for a limited period of time

4) To families that want to take better advantage of the space in their house, avoiding accumulation of objects in disuse

5) For families who go on vacations and want to bring suitable products for the trip

1) Choose the product you are interested in from our photo albums

2) Select the dates in the calendar

3) Fill in your data


You can also contact us in the following ways:

Thank you!

Yes. Ask for the items you need, even if these are not in the photos. Vaivén solves it for you.

The rent must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance, to check the availability of products and reserve them for use.

For each product, a guarantee equivalent to two weeks’ rent is paid, which is returned at the end of the rental and returns the product in conditions. The maximum delay for the refund is 48 hours

The equivalent of two weeks of rental of the product as guarantee / deposit is paid, which are returned at the end of the rental and deliver the product in conditions.

You can pay by Mercado Pago (credit /debit card and cash) or bank transfer (request data). In any case, the total payment is made before specify the rent.

We deliver throughout CABA and GBA with minimal cost, you can check the delivery cost that applies to your location before renting. You can also pick up the

products without charge for our deposit/pick up point in Villa Urquiza neighborhood.

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